Our Treatments

Whiskey Lemon Refresh Body Wrap

Whiskey Lemon Refresh

Carefully harvested from a remote area of coastal British Columbia, our beautiful Glacial Marine Clay Wrap is combined with just a touch of Canadian Whiskey and Aromatherapy oils that will leave your skin bright and refreshed. Erosion and glacial run off contribute to it's high mineral content making it a powerful, naturally healing clay. Being submerged in Pacific sea water 75% of the time means that deposits are constantly being refreshed with micronutrients from marine phytoplankton. Whiskey Lemon clay wrap is deeply cleansing and anti-inflammatory resulting in better skin clarity.

Tahitian Lime Body Wrap

Tahitian Lime

This one's all about fruit enzyme therapy, starting with organic cane sugar, ground coconut and pineapple enzyme body polish. After a steam towel cleanse, bask in luxury with Tahitian Lime scented French green clay wrap. A cool spritz of white grapefruit to help with fatigue and balance mood. This treatment is completed by our Coconut and Lime butter whipped with Macadamia nut oil. What could be better?

Spicy Carrot Body Wrap

Spicy Carrot Wrap

Feel the warmth of the Carribean with mandarin, cinnamon and vanilla bean oils blended into a sea salt body scrub. After a regenerative and naturally exfoliating Bentonite clay wrap relax and lock in moisture with an application of our deeply nourishing, vitamin rich carrot oil body balm.

My Thai Body Wrap

My Thai

Receive the ultimate in exfoliation beginning with an Egyptian loofah dry brushing followed by our sea salt & organic ground rice body scrub. Purify and revitalize your skin with vitamin and mineral rich Ginger Green Tea Seaweed wrap with seaweed sourced from Canadian waters. Seaweed contains fatty acids that help to soothe minor skin irritations and will leave you glowing. Reduce puffiness and improve circulation with an application of our lemongrass & juniper oil body butter. Get back into your day feeling toned and energized.

Lavender Body Wrap


What kind of Spa would it be without a touch of Lavender. Relax and enjoy our naturally fragrant lavender treatment that is second to none. Each stage of your treatment will include a lush lavender scent, from your sea salt exfoliation to the rich butter application. Inhale calm and drift into peaceful relaxation. A perfect transition to meditation, gentle yoga or bedtime. The superior quality of this oil will nourish your skin and your soul.

Hawaiian Alaea Body Wrap

Hawaiian Alaea

The key ingredient of this treatment is an intensely floral, red volcanic clay infused sea salt scrub. In ancient times this iron rich salt was used to heal broken bones and burns as well as a ceremonial salt to cleanse canoes, temples and living spaces. Today, we use it for its more than 80 naturally occurring minerals to purify, heal and promote cell renewal. After a detoxifying French yellow clay wrap, enjoy a warmed kukui and macadamia nut body serum.

Shockwave Therapy Body Wrap

Shockwave Therapy

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes gym training, running or Pilates. Sometimes along with exercise comes achy tired muscles. Our Shockwave body treatment uses a sort of fire and ice method to increase circulation and promote healing.  After a hot eucalyptus towel wrap, cooling peppermint oil and icy cold towels will be applied.  All you have to do is GIRL UP and we will have you back into your day feeling energized!

Cleopatra Body Wrap


Treat yourself to Pure Luxury that begins with a Rose scented milk and honey body polish, a re-mineralizing Dead Sea clay wrap under a heated throw and finishing with an ancient technique of rolling a paste made of crushed citrus and flowers over the body leaving you feeling the beauty of soft silky skin.

Brazilian Rainforest Wrap

Brazilian Rainforest

Our liquid gold Brazilian oils are wild crafted and sustainably harvested in the rainforest by local people who are fairly paid. After a cane sugar body polish of tangerine and passionfruit oils, we blend more Brazilian fruit and nut extracts with an intoxicating scent for a finishing body creme that leaves you with smooth glowing skin.